I’ve been involved in the editing process of the books below. Please support these authors and illustrators by purchasing and reviewing their books. It has been a great honor to work with them.

–Children’s books (middle grade and younger) are light purple. All others are blue.

–Titles followed by a yellow asterisk (*) are books I have worked with for 4RV Publishing.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Click on the titles to visit the websites and purchase the books.

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Why Does That Star Follow Me?* – by Wayne Harris-Wyrick, Illustrated by Andrea Gray

Where Did Panther Go?* – by Vivian Zabel, Illustrated by Carrie Salazar

Dad Was Out to Ruin My Life (Smashwords)
Dad Was Out to Ruin My Life (Kindle)
———- by Gene La Viness, Cover art by Renee’ La Viness

The Deceitful King (Smashwords)
The Deceitful King (Kindle)
———- by Gene La Viness, Cover art by Renee’ La Viness

Merry Tilda: A Winter Fairy Tale* – by Jodi Heaton Hurst, Illustrated by Jeanne Conway.

Spearfinger*English / Cherokee – by Charles Suddeth, Illustrated by Carrie Salazar, translated by Tim Nuttle and Lawrence Panther (Paperback and Hardcover)

What I Meant to Do* – by Cheryl Ives, Illustrated by Diane Brown

Many Colored Coats* – by Penny Lockwood, Illustrated by Luisa Goiffi-Suzuki

Willard the Dragon: Camp Dragon-Fire* – by Suzanne Cordatos, Illustrated by Luisa Giaffre-Suzuki

Forty Winks* – by Nancy Allen, Illustrated by Diane Brown

Lions Can’t Eat Spaghetti* – by Bethany Ramos, Illustrated by Nicole Morrow

H is for Houston* – by Kathy Slaughter, Illustrated by Carrie Salazar

Writing from Your Soul – by Linda Apple

A Fairy Tale Kind of Love – by Carol Clay, Cover by Jonna Feavel

Concepcion’s New Look* – by Rebecca O Hayes, Illustrated by Jessica McClure

Joseph’s Cradle* – by Stephanie Burkhart, Illustrated by Matthew Hughes

The Adventures of Boots: The Christmas Surprise – by Linda Pennington Black, Illustrated by Ananta Mohanta

A River of Stories – A 2015 anthology by the Tulsa NightWriters

Pockets in my PJs – by Debbie Noble, Illustrated by Lynn Mohney

Lolly Learns About Love – by Beth S. Wilson, Illustrated by Stephanie Reno

Anything Goes, Volume II – An international anthology by Fiction Writers Group

Anything Goes, Volume I – An international anthology by Fiction Writers Group

Writers’ Anarchy – The first international anthology by Fiction Writers Group




Keywords: “Why Does That Star Follow Me?, Wayne Harris-Wyrick, Andrea Gray, Where Did Panther Go?, Vivian Zabel,Dad Was Out to Ruin My Life, The Deceitful King, Gene La Viness, Renee’ La Viness, Merry Tilda: A Winter Fairy Tale, Jodi Heaton Hurst, Jeanne Conway, Spearfinger, Cherokee, Charles Suddeth, Forty Winks, Nancy Allen, H is for Houston, Kathy Slaughter, What I Meant to Do, Cheryl Ives, Many Colored Coats, Penny Lockwood, Willard the Dragon, Suzanne Cordatos, Lions Can’t Eat Spaghetti, Bethany Ramos, Writing from Your Soul, Linda Apple, A Fairy Tale Kind of Love, Carol Clay, Concepcion’s New Look, Rebecca O Hayes, Joseph’s Cradle, Stephanie Burkhart, The Adventures of Boots, Linda Pennington Black, A River of Stories, Tulsa NightWriters, Pockets in my PJs, Debbie Noble, Lolly Learns About Love, Beth S. Wilson, Anything Goes, Writers Anarchy, Fiction Writers Group”


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