There will be awards… many awards. To win a La Viness Award, your work must have a good story line. It must be well edited. It must be interesting.

Currently, I am only offering two La Viness Awards:

#1. Middle Grade Fiction for Boys contest, which is open to all who attend the Ozark Creative Writers Conference in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, in October.

#2. La Viness Award for Living Mystery, for those who enter contests at the Arkansas Writers’ Conference in Little Rock, Arkansas, in June.

As more contests and awards are added, the winners will be listed on this page. A * by the winner’s name indicates more information is listed below the awards.


2015 Middle Grade Fiction for Boys – Prix Gautney*

2016 Middle Grade Fiction for Boys – Sherrie Akers

2017 La Viness Award for Living Mystery – Carole Crow

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Prix Gautney– The battle scene which won the 2015 award will be published in the 2016 novel Season of Crows, published by  Lee Press, an imprint of Oghma Creative Media