Renee’ La Viness: Writer / Editor / Instructor / Speaker

Renee La Viness never wanted to grow up, so she stopped at four feet, eleven inches tall. But, what is a grownup? Height? Age? Wisdom? The ability to reach the gas pedal?

Renee’ has been writing and marketing since her early teens, starting out as a thirteen-year-old ventriloquist who wrote her own skits and booked her own engagements. Speaking in front of a crowd never seemed to be a reason for fear.

Over the years, she has written for magazines, newspapers, anthologies, and other projects.

Renee’ has won multiple awards for writing and editing since 1999. In the writing industry, she has also been a contest judge, contest sponsor, project coordinator, and freelance editor. She organizes an annual event to connect authors, illustrators, and editors with area publishers, and founded Tulsa Area Children’s Book Writers, a critique group, in 2013. Renee’ has been the Children’s Corner Imprint Editor for 4RV Publishing since the position opened in 2015.

Teaching and learning are two of Renee’s favorite activities, and she believes understanding is the key to success. For that reason, she started her own writing and editing workshops, Designing the World with Words, to make the editing process less stressful by creating a stronger understanding for the writer. She recently added Mobile Workshops to her list of offerings.

If you need a speaker for your writing-related event, contact Renee’, below.




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