Slowing Down

Did anyone else notice that August crawled by, this year? As I’ve grown older, I’ve watched time move faster and faster. So, a slow month always catches me off-guard.

Near the end of that slow month, I almost lost my husband to a heart attack. But, we got him to the hospital in time and our lives have been sucked into a whirlwind of doctor appointments and other craziness, ever since. He’s doing great, but having to be more careful about overdoing it, now.

I have only one more workshop scheduled for this year. It’s all about writing believable dialogue. If you were planning to attend the Edit Your Fiction Story workshop, you just missed it. That one won’t happen again until 2018.

Gene and I are currently publishing some short stories that were previously published in anthologies. We are starting out at Smashwords. Here are the first two ebooks. If you like them, please leave positive reviews. Thanks.

AbsentRealityCover-2mini    CastleWall8-USEmini

Monday evening is the next Tulsa Area Children’s Book Writers critique meeting. It’s at the Martin Regional Library in Tulsa, at 7:00 PM. Everyone is welcome.

The 2017 WPA MASTERS Artistic Pool Championship Tournament is coming up in Midwest City, next weekend. We’re looking forward to seeing our “pool family” down there. It’s been nice to have them coming to town the past couple of years.

The Ozark Creative Writers’ Conference is coming up in October. We can’t wait to see everyone there, again.

The Tulsa NightWriters Club will be having another FREE writers’ conference on the 28th of October. Get your registration in soon. This one fills up fast! It might also be the last free year. I’ll be sharing some secrets about writing an O. Henry ending for your stories.

Hope to see you soon!

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