Exciting Year

2016 is truly a writer’s year.

If you are a writer, illustrator, editor, publisher, or just curious about the process, you should attend some area conferences and workshops. I have a page on this website (EVENTS) that shows all the events I plan to attend, this year. I also have another page (LINKS) where I post links to many other area events, too. The links to these pages are at the top. (Look up!)

I have a lot of projects coming up. The Adventures of Dayton Barnes will be published very soon. I’m currently planning some workshops for this year. I’m putting together some new sessions I’m very excited to offer. Of course, my workshop site is at http://jespiddlin.com/designingtheworldwithwords . Keep an eye on that website for updates with new workshops as I plan them. Right now, all my workshops are in-person.

The little pop-up tent work space did not give me a permanent enough station to use it whenever I needed. We had too much rain and rushing water, so I had to put it away for a couple of weeks and work indoors. I accomplished very little writing and editing with the grandkids and their parents here. I am not complaining. We all need a place to go once or twice in our lives and I’m thankful to be able to help them through this period. But I had to find a way to work around them. I still have the tent for times when I need to work away from home, but it wasn’t quite what I needed here at home.

I decided to build a small “office” on our concrete slab, out back. We built the walls in our living room, with 7 people wandering back and forth. When the walls were finished, we took it outside and assembled it. The office doesn’t look like much, but it allows me to stay outside in rain, shine, wind, all night, etc. We have had coyotes, a bobcat… lots of critters walk by that building at night, when I’m working. (With the bobcat out and about, I’m glad I’m not sitting in that little pop-up tent.) My office is a tiny 4 ft. x 8 ft. building. My husband and I both use it and love the privacy. The sounds of nature are a great joy, also. In this picture, it’s still being built, but you get the idea. I love my little office and spend a lot of time out there.